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[This game contains fetish-related and weight gain content]

Chub, Chomp, Chill is a cute simple simulation/ virtual pet game. Customize your character, make them happy, and plump 'em up. Carry out conversations with them. Or heck, just watch them walk around if that's what you're into.

This is currently still in early development. More content and polish is planned to be added over time. However, I hope you enjoy what's currently available!


If you'd like to help support further development of the game, be sure to check out my Patreon! An Android version will be made if the goal is met.


Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(126 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Casual, expansion, fat, feeding, Singleplayer, Virtual Pet, weight-gain


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I tired the game out yesterday and it worked perfectly fine but when i opened it today it wouldn't let me exit the settings tab or make a new character so i just cant play the game anymore

bug report: ive ran in to quite a few minor glitches, but one of the most major ones is one of my shorter characters has some uh interesting neck trouble, n his hat floats higher and higher as he grows..

also when i rub his belly his neck curls backwards like a swan back so far in to his ass

This game's pretty pleasantly addicting, there's a certain fun to planning out how to reach bigger sizes and it has a lot of charm.

Just some feedback tho, i got a weird occurrence where after certain point beyond the max size of a character the game prompts you to go back to the first house as if you had gotten smaller, but the model looks all stretched and weird once you do. If you keep feeding them they go to the warehouse or directly to the city again, and eventually it happens all over again. 

Also illness is incredibly common at larger sizes, even with the less illness badges, since your character eats a lot and you can't avoid the "illness foods" there probably should be scaling on it so they're not instantly always ill after eating one or two food items, specially since belly rubbing starts barely working at bigger sizes it. At a certain point it's more productive to just mash the serve button and hope they eat more than not despite the illness. Additionally it'd be good to have like visual indicators for illness time and other buffs or debuffs, so you can keep track of when to avoid feeding.

But overall really nice little pastime game, looking forward to seeing it evolve.

there’s a terrible Glitch happening to my Game, whenever I exit out of my game and later return to it, All of my citizens are gone as well as my save data. So I try to remake the character only to have the Buttons to not work, I keep trying to make them work but they never go the!! What’s going on?!? If this is a glitch then please fix it

I found a bug, if you happen to level up multiple times simultaneously you only get to choose a perk for one level up.

I was able to do this with one of the new "addiction" badges, specifically the "Foster's Badge" by getting addicted to cookies I was able to feed one of my tenants a gingerbread house, at level 1, and instantly blasted to some insane level, weight and size. I feel an "addiction" shouldn't allow you to feed your tenants more than their capacity, at least not by a lot.

Also, as someone else mentioned getting +2 badge points instead of capacity, digestion or happiness feels useless beyond level 1. Once you can put on the badge that grants BP for eating craved foods you can gather up a large quantity of BP in a short amount of time.

found a bug where at certain sizes you can not rub your characters bellies anymore meaning effects will stay for an extended amount of time

but otherwise, a nice fun game that I may have gotten addicted to

my only other gripe is the weight clinic becomes useless after a certain weight cause its just way too much

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Bug I've noticed, my character got so fat that their head grew larger than their hair. Funny at first, but off-putting the more i had to look at it.

(edit, the hairstyle in question is the one with the single dyed bang between the eyes, middle row and 3 up from bottom in the hair section)

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First of all, this update is fantastic and added a lot of content that I'd really been hoping for. Really glad to see the continued support for the game, thank you for all of your hard work!

I do have a few things of note about the update though;
- I agree with some of the other comments about how sickness seems to happen too often. Personally, I'm not really a fan of the feature, but rather than removing it entirely (as I don't mind there being some consequences during the gameplay for a more sim-feel) it'd be nice if there was a toggle to disable sickness, or maybe a badge from Kandy that prevents/reduces a citizen from becoming ill. Having an indicator or note on the foods that can trigger sickness would also be a huge help, same with bloating.
- I'm still having a lot of weird clipping and shading issues on larger sizes, and I'm still having the weird chest shading happen on masculine characters. It's understandable that this is still an issue given the nature of the physics, but I think it would be a good idea to focus on these visual problems since the core appeal of the game is watching your characters get bigger and bigger.
- I do wish that the interface was a bit clearer with indicating what you are doing, like just having an outline around the item you're currently selecting and highlighting the current inventory tab that you're on.
- Burps still happen during bloating and belly rubs even when they're turned off in the menu.
- It would be nice if there were different room options for the Warehouse. I'd say the same for the city, but I'm sure that's a bit of a stretch at the moment. I'm happy with just having the city itself anyway, it's a great addition and much more rewarding than space was.
- Sometimes the furniture in the room will randomly appear thrown about when returning to the room, even if my character is on the small-side and hasn't knocked anything around.
- Belly rubbing doesn't always cause the character to stay still, more often than not they keep moving around whilst I'm trying to give them belly rubs which can be a little annoying at times.
- The interface of the Weight Loss Clinic is very messed up and buggy. The add and subtract buttons don't work either, so I have to manually input the numbers every time. I've attached an image of what the menu looks like for me (this happens regardless of what the numbers are, even if they're all at zero).
- Speaking of the weight clinic, I think that the system needs to be balanced a bit more fairly as well, since it becomes practically impossible to use when reaching the massive sizes due to how expensive everything becomes.
- Scenarios still don't seem to trigger a lot, and I tend to get the bad result way, way more often than the good one, and this is even with the positive outcome badge. I also wish that scenarios were a bit more varied and fleshed-out in general, same with dialogue. I'd like to be able to properly talk to my character more often, with different dialogue options and such which might affect some things.

I'll probably keep adding to this comment in the future if I encounter any further bugs with 0.5, same with adding suggestions. Like I did with my last comment here for 0.4.

is this game using 100% gpu for anyone else even while on the worst settings?

use vsync or limit your framerate to 60 fps

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I really feel like your character getting sick happens way too often and lasts way too long. It really kills the pace and fun of the game whan all you can do is sit and wait for it to go away, or mash the serve button until it goes through.

Belly rubs make illness go away 4 times faster

IMO, there should be some indication of what exactly makes them sick, it almost seems random. I know some foods seem to really make them sick easily, but I'm not really sure why they get sick otherwise. Seems like maybe it's a chance based on how big a certain food is compared to your stomach capacity, IDK.

Either way, I skipped the dodgy mechanic entirely by mass-purchasing cheap, small (and small-ish) foods, then stockpiling certain badges to make the small foods more useful, then I use an autoclicker on my mouse to eat thousands of them individually, my character never gets sick anymore, and I get to chuckle at the mints' description about getting immobile from mints.

Idea to make the mechanic a little more clear: a "health" stat for all foods. Eating too many unhealthy foods runs a higher risk of making the character sick, but eating healthy foods is worse for the $/cal side of things, and slows down gameplay. Maybe healthy food even takes longer to digest?
Kind of like an active vs passive choice?

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Cool update!

more glitches not mentioned so far:

- once enabeled the "hand icon" you stay in rub mode even when you switch it off again.
- the strong legs badge disables itself when you enter the room, and is not enabeled right away when you add it.
You have to serve some food for the game to recognize it.
Also when regaining mobility with the badge the walking amimation triggers but the characters stay immobile ie do not move.
- turning off burp sounds when bellyrubbing still audible (also no way to disable floor creaking sounds)


I think I got an overflow error lol. Somewhere after 1.3e9 wobbs (quite a ways past, but that was the last I checked)

I've been having a great time with the current version of the game! I love the gain rate + badge system as it really allows for specializing citizens into specific roles.

However, two things of note.
- Save file corruption apparently can still happen. In my case it happened with no discernable cause and at present I have to start over.
- As others have said, the random events are not common enough. In the previous update I only saw a scant few, and in this update i've yet to see any of them.

Dear Developer,

Thanks for the update.

I have tested the new 0.5.1 version, and I would like to highligt few areas which need improvements.

I. bugs:

1 - as it was already mentioned below the food icos in the shop are not properly scaled (lots of narrow food icons). e.g. please compare Soda icon with version 4.2, and you will see the difference.

2 - how to quit from menu? Only ALT + F4 works

3 - it seems the character/room does not save the exact setup when you leave the room. If you go to the shop/NPC, then you return to the room:

  • bloating visual effect disappears (still bloated. but not visible)
  • illness visual effect disappears (still ill. but not visible)
  • furnitures in the room rotates slightly on return (looks like if they were newly dropped to the room)

4 - some cloth textures are still broken as size grows.

II. Problems (not bug, but not so good for gameplay)

5 - food addiction

When addiction occurs on higher level you need e.g. few hundred cookies, and you cannot eat anything just that single food to remove addiction effect. If you have that badge which gives you the addiction, then you are trying to stock some reserves from that particular food, because it's usually rare in the food store (sometimes you need to wait 3-5 days to be able to buy). But if the high level character is hungry, it will eat ALL of your reserves from the addiction removal food (thousand of cookies just with one click if we use "serve all") and nothing will remain for next time when addiction occurs. :-(

Other option is to click few hunderd times (using "manual serve") to remove addiction effect which is also not good.

So we need a scaled serve option here like "serve 300 units" instead of "serve all", becuase we definitely don't want to use all of the rare addicion removal food with one click.

6 - illness

I don't like that so much. Lots of food makes characters ill for long time (belly rub does not speed up the removal as quickly as expected) and this interrupts the gameplay.

Could you please mark these toxic foods in the description to avoid? Or at least mention the "safe quantity" which does not make illness?

7 - bloating

Lots of food makes bloating, and I belive it's not soo good. It removes the original shape of the character for long time (belly rub does not speed up the removal as quickly as expected)

Could you please make this bloating optional in the menu? If someone likes it, then feel free to enable in the manu, but who don't need it, please let them disable. Or at lease please mark these type of foods what we whould avoid if we don't like the bloating.

8 - size increase is ok, but it's focusing only on 2 directions (back and forward) but not to the sides. If you have some time can you adjust the wide thickness of models? High level characters looks like a car (rear and front) not like a ball.

9 - the new eye types in the character creation are a little bit weird/scary to me, so I would prefer the old "cute" eye types which fit more in my opinion.

10 - I beleive the new voice styles are too serious for these cute characters, so I disabled voice in menu as it does not fit. (some more cute voice style would be preferred)

To sum it up, great work, please keep up the development.

But I will stay with version 4.2 because too much bloating and illness are interrupting the gameplay. :-(

Please make these optional in the menu, or at least describe these side effects in the related food description, then we can avoid using them.

Thank you.


1. Once you start hitting the capacity-level-capacity-level spiral, the weight loss clinic becomes useless, as the cost goes exponential quickly (could maybe become capped?)

2. ...There's a capacity-level-capacity-level spiral, fed by several badges where you just go nuts and infinitely grow for no effort.

3. If you're not interested in mountainous blobs, you run out of stuff to do pretty quick, since the game's designed for you to just get bigger and bigger forever

4. There's really nothing you can do to stop from becoming a mountainous blob

5. Buying BP with levels is 100% worthless, it's easier to get BP from that one badge, I've got like 400 BP, and I'm mad that at least like 20 of them are from levels that could've been used for stomach capacity

6. Still got tons of clipping and warping with the character models, though I guess the size makes that kinda expected. Blob characters in particular have incorrectly weighted (haha) rigging in their arms, for instance

7. The gambling alley is OP as hell, since you get free badges, and get loads of crazy foods. (Also, I don't know what the point of the three bags are. It doesn't seem like they're "themed" differently or anything...?)

8. No clue what bought rooms are for, since you don't stay room-sized for very long

9. I wish there was some metabolism badges, maybe ones that increase/decrease weight changes, and maybe one badge that makes you lose/gain weight over time

10. Those random events that we're supposed to get, I got two... ever. For being a gamble and for having a badge dedicated to them, they're extremely limited and/or rare

11. Still no interactions between different characters you own. Feels like they should at least talk about each other every now and then, IDK

12. Still wish there was a use for the weight loss clinic other than blowing tons of money on getting skinny again, like maybe a rewards system where removing X amount of fat gives you a free thing, and the rewards get better the more you give up

13. The badges in general are pretty unbalanced, it's a bit interesting to have it where a character can eat basically anything of any size or type, have it instantly pretend to fill the entire hunger bar's worth of XP, not actually fill the stomach, give you free BP, and loads of fat all at once, and do so as fast as you can click, which has the funny side effect of making most tiny foods OP

14. Could definitely use some more "status effects" like having lactation as a boob version of the bloat effect, or a sugar rush status effect that makes the character run around faster and generate more Happiness, but ends with them getting ill


Badges are definitely a great addition, but I'm kind of confused as to why a lot of commonplace visual jank has gone unaddressed. The core of gameplay is basically watching your citizen eat, but at higher weights the eating animation has clipping arms and collapsing stomachs. The reintroduced belly rubs similarly cause wider hips to collapse on themselves and bigger bellies to defy gravity.

If it's too hard to fix these animations, making a 0 BP badge that replaces them with standing animations except for facial expressions would be ideal.

I dunno what it is but the close button on the options menu refuses to work at all

There are some weird shading blotches on the chest of the masculine character model when it gets fat.

when i try to play the game  it just opens and delete it self..

0.5.1 is a great update so far, but I've noticed a few issues.

1. When you attempt to rub a belly very often it's super finicky and doesn't trigger "rubbing" right away. I've had characters turn around and start acting as if I'm rubbing their bellies but from behind.

2. Many of the icons for food appear squashed, this happens on multiple resolutions. I've tried full screen and windowed as well and the problem remains.

3. In the weight loss clinic all the text, + & - buttons and the fill in boxes are kind of squashed together. I've also tried this on multiple resolutions, full screen and windowed.

4. Occasionally characters will slide as opposed to walk/waddle while still mobile.

For all issues I've attempted changing settings and exiting and relaunching the game but they have not been rectified.

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it would be nice if we could upload faces, like mod in faces from characters.

I've been running into an odd glitch, ever since the last version, after I deleted my save. Every time I try to make a citizen, the game stops just as it's about to finish loading and crashes. Do you think there's a fix for this?

is anybody getting the bug where after the sickness subsides you will no longer be able to get xp

narrow food images seem to be stretched out

tried this at multiple resolutions, bug persists
running 0.5.1

Would it be possible to allow users to add their own voice packs? The default Windows voices are unnatural and robotic.

Belly rubs are finally back, but...

Where're the headpats?
It was so cute back in 0.2 i want headpats back in 0.6!!!

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Does this transfer my saves from 0.4.2 or nah?
Cause I just booted it up and none of my previous apartments are there.

Edit: Just actually checked 0.5 patchnotes :skull:

Every time I make a new character, it just defaults to this design the moment I enter the apartment.
Voice is automatically turned on. Character can't eat anything. Game constantly lags during loading, lags and stutters whenever a belly grumble or eating sound effect is played.
I'm using a 64bit Win10.

are you playing 0.5 or 0.5.1?

Sorry, didn't notice you uploaded a new version!
I was playing 0.5.
0.5.1 doesn't have these issues, apart from the voice automatically being on, but that can be solved by simply lowering the volume.

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There's no difference for me between the feminine and masculine voice.

What version of Windows are you using?


How do you earn BP to use the buffs?

It's one of your options when you level up

Ok I got it now, thanks!

I have a bit of a bug. When I installed this, I attempted to play on the best graphics option, and when I did, it froze up, the game deleted itself, and any installation I try doesn't have the application in it, even with fresh downloads

That sounds like it might be a security thing on your end. You might have to allow the game to run through whatever firewall system you have.


Wahey I found a minor bug where the plus and minus buttons in the clinic are underneath the ui text. renderring them unpressable and thus making the clinic unusable.

Oh, I see. What resolution are you playing in?

1280 by 720 on the "Low" graphics setting (playing on a laptop.

Alright, I'll look into that. Thanks.

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Bug report: the level up screen says you get two badge points, but clicking it only gives you one...
...if I'm reading that right.
EDIT: nah, the points are for equipping the badges, nevermind. The currency to buy them is per-level.


Weird bug corrupts the character I make once I put them in an apartment. 0.5 Windows version 



0.5.1 just got uploaded. It should remedy that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!


0.5.1 just got uploaded. It should remedy that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

no worries, everything is working fine :D

0.5.1 just got uploaded. It should remedy that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Where's the download link? :(

Had to temporarily take it down to fix a major bug. It'll be back up soon.

Deleted 9 days ago

Oh dear, sorry about the inconvenience. A new version is coming very soon!

can you add clothes that move? like when the stomach gets large, the shirt lifts up.

Deleted 9 days ago

are there plans to make a 32-bit or android version?

32 bit X86... well that's probably a Unity limitation. Besides, I don't think many people would be using 32 bit windows these days. As for the Android version, that's dependent on the Patreon goal being reached.

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Frankly anyone still using x86 at this point is gonna be left long in the dust. It ain't 2004 no mo, man.

Sem dúvidas o jogo é uma obra prima

This is one of favourite fetish games period, I do have one question though, when your character gets so fat they have to be put outside in a field, after the warehouse, can they still get bigger or are they maxed out? You can keep feeding them for XP and the number goes up but I am not noticing any significant size increase, and I am using the whales for food.

I was able to leave the field and go into SPACE. They can still get bigger and there's a significant change if you feed them a LOT of whales.

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