Version 0.5 Is Here!

This update is a fresh start and will automatically start a new save file. 0.4’s save is not compatible.

Hello, everybody! At long last, version 0.5 is finally here! I really hope you all enjoy the plethora of stuff that has been added! If you want a Nintendo Direct style presentation to learn about all the new things added, feel free to take a look at the November 17 Scribbles Showcase. Otherwise, take a look below for a detailed list of all the new additions and changes.

Also, if you enjoy this update, I would encourage you to check out my Patreon if you’re able! An Android version of the game will be made if the Patreon goal is met!


  • 30+ new character assets
  • Improved anti clipping on a small handful of clothing
  • 40+ new foods
  • Reworked food economy for more balance across the board
  • Citizens now have TTS voices (can toggle off in settings)
  • Multiple speed options for weight gain
  • Multiple foods can cause bloating, not just soda
  • A small handful of foods have a chance to make your character ill
  • 3 new events
  • 20+ new and revamped rooms
  • Rooms contain props related to room theme
  • Citizen can bump around props as they get larger
  • Rooms save properly now
  • 800+ new blurbs for characters to save
  • Deeper sloshes (can toggle off sloshes and stomach sounds in settings)
  • Floor creaks, stomping, and screen shake at larger sizes
  • Belly rubs return from 0.2
  • Belly rubs are an active way to earn happiness points
  • Belly rubs make bloating go away twice as fast and illness four times as fast
  • Badges are a new type of item to even further tailor and strategize your play styles
  • 30+ badges
  • The introduction of Choco-Coins, Badge Points, and Addiction
  • Hats are fixed from 0.4
  • New shops (Counselor Kandy’s Badges, Rues Rooms, Brenda’s Back Alley)
  • Brenda’s Back Alley introduces random grab bags as well as certain items that are exclusive to Brenda’s item pool
  • Delete Save File fixed as well as various other settings
  • Bloating is gradual rather than snapping from position to position
  • Citizens can now bloat up to 6 times rather than 3
  • For Serve Max, effects now account for each food item individually rather than one.
  • Particles now properly line up with the mouth through the whole growth process
  • Replaced the Outside and Space with a new area: The City
  • Weight cap increased from 150 million to 500 million
  • Various bug fixes

Enjoy the update!

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How many is 'a small handful'? It feels like more foods cause illness than not; it's frustrating at large sizes.

Well, sounds like you need to be rub'n those bellies!

How do I use badges, I'm not sure how i activate them

I try to download the game but I can't find the button to download 0.5 


It should be up now

Funny, there's the file in the list of downloadable files, but there's no download button on either here or the main page


It should be up now

Every character I make goes through the character creation fine but when I move in and select them they all revert to a default blank character with none of my clothing options or settings saved

A new version was just uploaded. It should fix that problem


i'm not seeing the link yet. Could be a problem on my end but just checking


It should be there now

Deleted 9 days ago

Weird. I'm having the same problem, as well.

ghost apparition v3 is no longer possible, game has been reuploaded!

0.5.1 just got uploaded. It should remedy that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

0.5.1 just got uploaded. It should remedy that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!