0.5.1 Is Live

Hey there everyone. 0.5.1 is now live. It should resolve that bug that turns your character into a default. Sorry about the hiccup.


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10 days ago

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MacOS version pls! :D

I made my character large, but I can't seem to shrink her back to her normal size, do you know how to change her back?

imho bp trainer badges are way too op, I have over 100 unused badge points and not enough badges to use them.

also I don't know if this is intentional but when you're addicted, you can fill up past your full stomach.

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Not sure how or what's going on, because I know I got the rub button active, but I noticed I'm unable to rub a tenants stomach at one of the larger sizes (I mean they are smothering the city right now...), but another tenant - who is also smothering the city, mountains too - is having no issues. 
The only difference i can find is that both have not only different weight gain options, but also far different weight buffs on the respective area. (belly weight 314670 vs 4994 on the belly, with the latter being on max gain.) ((Putting the numbers down here makes this sound hilarious, with the smaller number being larger.))

The only solution I can come to is character A has such a heavy mass on their front, it's messing with the hit detection for rubs, which B lacks. I don't know how else to describe it, as this is the only difference I got. 
edit: The only weird thing i noticed that I was unable to give rubs after giving the tenant the Happiness Booster badge, but putting that on a new tenant didn't impede it either. 

Alright, I'll look into that

the game isn't starting, for some reason? i click "new citizen" and the donut gets about 95% full, and the game freezes until it says that the program's not responding. any tips?

same is happening with me

Hey. It's possible to bug out badge points and badges with spam clicking the remove button. It gave me +6 BP and about 65 badges for free. It works when there're low amount of badges on the character and the game checks if there is any "remove" action before it removed the last one, so it returns true even if it should be false.

im having trouble with character creation, the finish button just doesnt want to work, its registering my click but not doing anything.

Try toggling on the "Limit Framerate" option in the settings menu. Does that help anything?

ive tried it on every graphics setting and that, im not sure whats wrong, maybe its because im on laptop, the settings exit button had the same issue

Shoot, that's really strange. I'm really sorry about that! I'll try to look into it and see what could be causing that. Let me know if anything changes in the mean time.

i appreciate it, i wonder if anyone else is having the same issue, maybe its a trackpad thing with the way the button is, i dont know, ill keep messing with it

my apologies for overreacting, i just needed to spam click it but it seems to be working fine now

oh, that's good to know!